Welcome to V-Ex

The purpose of V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions Limited is to craft a myriad of tailored solutions that bridge the gap between the traditional world of exhibitions, conferences and trade shows and the new world of virtual, social media and the worldwide web. Using the latest online tools and 3D rendering techniques, visitors are offered an immersive experience that keeps the show alive long after the hall doors are closed.

The concept is to provide a virtual interactive platform that allows exhibition organisers or individual companies to continue to reap the benefits of traditional events all year round. Venues can be based on real life events or operate on a stand alone basis, depending on requirements. The only constant is the tool’s ability to continually generate sales leads and enquiries from visitors around the world.

Combining the Latest Technology

V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions Limited’s Virtual Exhibition Platform is the tried and tested software that combines 3D rendering, animation, HD photography and digital movies with an intelligent database and intuitive user experience. The result is a virtual environment where visitors are invited to explore a venue freely and can easily access product and service information from companies that they are interested in.

The platform will never replace live events, but plugs the time gap between each event and keeps them ‘live’ all year round. This offers exhibitors a far larger window to see a return on their investment, while visitors gain the opportunity to plan their visit or get back in touch with companies that they were unable to catch up with while they were at the show.

Virtual Events

The V-Ex platform is able to support full-scale events of any size with multiple exhibition halls, seminar rooms and chat facilities available where required.

Offer your exhibitors the chance to maximise their investment by keeping their stand live all year round. An intuitive stand manager allows them to manually update their stand to keep it fresh.

Visit the Mitsubishi e-factory exhibition

Customised Stands

Customised stands can be used to help your company stand out from the crowd at a virtual event or can be used as a stand alone sales tool.

You can re-create your existing exhibition stand or create your dream venue, the possibilities are almost limitless. Once built you can create product areas and easily upload product documents and videos to reflect your business’ expertise.

Visit the Altra Industrial Motion stand


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