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The cutting edge of VR technology

V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions is a trailblazer of the virtual world.

Maybe you’re looking to host a virtual exhibition or want to wow your customers with the latest VR Experience; maybe you want to bring your sales literature to life with Augmented Reality; or maybe you’re looking for the perfect app to promote your products and services. Our team of skilled developers, CGI artists and graphic designers delivers virtual environments and apps for a multitude of different platforms.

Industry Expo Virtual Exhibition

The V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform is currently being used to host the worlds first truly virtual exhibition. The tried and tested software combines 3D rendering, animation, HD photography and digital movies with an intelligent database and intuitive user experience. The result is a virtual environment where visitors are invited to explore a venue freely and can easily access product and service information from companies that they are interested in.

Visit the show preview here.

B2B Specialists

V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions specialises in developing digital sales and marketing materials for B2B clients. Our specialist knowledge of engineering, automation, manufacturing, processing, logistics, service management etc. means that we can build apps and digital solutions that will be provide valuable insight into your business and be enjoyed by your highly specialised audience.

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