Website development and app design is in our DNA. Our team of in-house designers, developers, testers and integration engineers will take the stress out of digital for you.

Website Design. Every website has a different story to tell and a different set of KPI’s to achieve, so templated websites with rigid design parameters just won’t cut it! We can build you a made-to-measure website to host your event, launch your product or engage your customers. With a primary focus on user experience, we will create a solution that is easy to navigate and content rich, while still focussing on the look and feel and all-important search engine optimisation (SEO). Our developers can work with your creative department or agency to bring your existing design ideas to life. Alternately, our creative design team are on-hand to provide their expertise.

App Development. If you’re looking for developers who have the ability to innovate and create then look no further than the team who brought you the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition Platform. We help you push the boundaries of digital sales and marketing with innovative and fun applications for almost any device. From the latest VR and AR technologies, to browser based games engines we can help you put a digital spin to your event.

Integrations. Our integrations engineers work tirelessly to bring the very best third party plugins and proprietary software together to offer this ultimate digital event experience. We don’t restrict you to a define list of features and expect you to mould your event around our limitations. We collaborate with you from the initial brief and all the way through the build to find the best solutions possible for the event that you want to run.

Case Study

Wavin Commercial Conference


Shaping (virtual) reality to suit you!