• Photorealistic Exterior Image
  • 8 x Realistic University of Leicester Environments
  • Custom Map Navigation
  • 3D Model Scan of On-Site Campus Sculpture
  • Video Pin of the Dean
  • Live Chat Function


University of Leicester required a unique way of making the School of Business campus more accessible, particularly to international distance-learning students.


The V-Ex team went on-site and executed an in-depth site visit. From the hundreds of reference images, the 3D design team worked tirelessly to produce 10 realistic 3D University of Leicester environments. These were close to perfect representations of the real spaces, including how they were built into navigation, allowing students to visit the campus virtually. The finishing touch was a video pin of the Dean, which is now proudly displayed in the reception, welcoming visitors to the environment.


The campus launched on the 23rd of September and has been used for multiple events already, with a schedule of events planned for its use over the coming years.