Our 3D team has a diverse set of skills that allows us to deliver exceptional CGI projects. From larger than life virtual environments, through to photo-realistic product visualisations or modelling for animation, we’ve got you covered.

3D Buildings & Environments. Our 3D creatives are able to create hyper-real 3D buildings, landscapes and industrial environments using the latest modelling and rendering techniques. Whether you want to create a ‘digital twin’ for a physical location, or you want to push the limits of your imagination, our artists will work with you directly to make sure they fully understand your brief whilst adding their own flurry of creativity to the project.

Photorealistic 3D Renders. “Is that real?” We’ve lost count of the times we’ve been asked that question about one of our environments or product visualisations. We take great care during the texturing, lighting and rendering process to produce the very highest quality. It’s this attention to detail that means our virtual environments or product renders are always showstoppers!

High & Low Poly Game Environments. Many of our 3D artists have backgrounds in 3D Game Design, so understand the unique challenges of creating content for game engines. We can team up with you to create the assets that you need for AR and VR applications or for browser based games. Alternatively we deliver a plug-and-play service through our in-house team of developers.

Motion Graphics. Motion Graphics in video are an excellent story telling tool – particularly useful for short corporate videos. We can design and build high quality 3D models with detailed animations, as well as complex simulations, which can be passed on to your video editing team. Alternatively, our 3D team can create the animation and render out a defined, high-resolution flight path.


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