1K+ Visits

With Covid-19 still a concern for many people, CMI turned to production company, Insight PS, to take their annual Partner Conference online. By hosting the conference on the V-Ex virtual platform, they were able to reliably reach a large audience and offer a visually engaging experience.


As Covid cases still posed a risk to live events and conferences, CMI sought alternative solutions for their 2021 conference. They found that a virtual environment was a perfect way forward.


V-Ex created a custom branded virtual environment with an Event Hub, Networking Area, Main Stage – everything the CMI Partner Conference would need for their event. On event day Insight’s technical team delivered a live stream that was accessible through the virtual Main Stage. With a video networking space for break out sessions, it kept the audience engaged throughout the event.


In November 2021, CMI held its Partner Conference, which was streamed through the CMI Virtual Venue. The live technical support desk, helped to guide users around the venue and encouraged them to access the event goody bag. Our built in CRM tracker produced all the post event reports that were requested for each hotspot.