• 9,500 Visitors August ‘22
  • Company: Sulzer
  • Industry: Rail
  • Type: Exhibition Stand
  • Floor Space: 36 m2
  • Products: 9


Sulzer wanted to use Railtex (UK) as an opportunity to encourage show visitors to book a tour of their newest facility. V-Ex was tasked with designing and building the physical exhibition stand for the show.


V-Ex identified that a hybrid stand, with both a physical and virtual presence, would enable Sulzer to generate greater traffic and therefore secure additional tour bookings. With the physical stand build well underway, attention was turned to creating a cost-effective Digital Twin virtual stand which could be used for pre- and post-event marketing.


Despite low overall turnout at the show, the Sulzer stand proved extremely popular and more tour bookings were confirmed than had previously been expected. The virtual exhibition stand enabled Sulzer to reach out to registered show visitors who didn’t attend and secure further bookings – increasing the ROI on the total stand build.