Setting the Scene…

Nothing beats a face-to-face sales meeting with a physical product demonstration and zero external distractions. However, with stretched sales resources and a global customer base it’s not always possible to meet all existing customers and new business opportunities physically.

Even where a physical meeting is possible, is it really practical (or possible) for your reps to carry your entire product line in the boot of their car?

A virtual sales room should be a functional space that your sales team can use to warm up and validate leads prior to their meeting. Used correctly your marketing team should also be able to turn it into one of your most valuable lead generation tools.

How we help

V-Ex can build a photo-realistic version of your physical sales office, or create the demonstration area of your dreams. Whatever you choose, we will work off CAD models to build digital replicas of your product range to allow your visitors to explore your entire product range.

Our Development team can build intuitive product finder tools that make sure that your potential customers find what they are looking for, and engaging content will educate them to help them along the buying journey. We will make sure that there are clearly signposted contact forms and meeting request tools, to make sure that your sales team is only one click away from a warmed up lead.

We can help you to host live open days and product launches which include live streams with audience participation and live networking events so customers can speak directly with your sales team.

Our visitor registration tools and powerful backend analytics mean that we can help you learn from your site traffic to continuously improve the experience. You will be able to identify the visitors that are the most likely sales opportunity and direct the lead to the most suitable sales person.