Setting the Scene…

Your exhibition stand is designed to make a statement. To make your brand stand out amongst a sea of competition. You may have spent months working through the creative brief and producing engaging and thought provoking content to make sure that you get maximum bang for your bucks.

Then after 2 or 3 days of glory, it’s over.

What if you could extend the shelf life of your exhibition stand and use it as part of a year-round sales and marketing campaign. Attracting visitors from around the globe, offering insights into visitor trends and generating qualified leads to pass onto your sales team?

Creating a ‘Digital Twin’ of your physical exhibition stand is an economically (and environmentally) viable option for bridging the gap between your shows. With detailed backend statistics and CRM tracking it should be the top priority for any digital marketeer.

How we help

We’ve been helping brands to create ‘Digital Twins’ of their physical exhibition stands since 2009. We understand what works in the digital space so can make sure that we create a valuable sales and marketing tool that will produce a quantifiable return on your investment throughout the year.

Working from existing CAD models and graphics files used for the physical stand build, we can create a photo-realistic digital version of your stand which is content rich. Our Project Managers will work with you to understand the typical sales journey of your customer; to make sure that they are presented with the most relevant information and taken on an experience that includes discovery, education and (most importantly) communication.

The V-Ex platform facilitates live chat with sales representatives, as well as options to book a meeting or make an enquiry. Our backend statistics and CRM tracking means that you can analyse visitor behaviour in ways that simply aren’t possible on physical stands – helping to understand your customer base and providing invaluable data to your sales team.

Of course, you don’t have to build a ‘Digital Twin’. Our in-house creative team can help you design your ideal exhibition stand from the ground up – without limitations.

Case Study

Mitsubishi Electric Virtual Exhibition Stand


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