There’s nothing quite like the thrill getting to an exhibition and KNOWING that your stand beats the competition. Excellence doesn’t happen by accident, so let us support you on the journey.

Exhibition Bookings. Let our Project Managers take the stress out of booking your exhibition space. Engage us from the very beginning and we will manage the contract negotiations, wade through the small print and make sure you get the best prices for all the services you will need at the show. During this stage we will also discuss your concept for the show and any KPIs you’ve been set. This way we can make sure that the space you book will be suitable for the stand you will need.

Stand Design and Build. Your exhibition stand needs to make an immediate impact and be memorable long after the event. Our in-house team of designers will create incredible 3D models of your stand during the design phase, so you can truly picture how it will look and work. Our Project Managers are dedicated to creating an amazing exhibition experience and will work with you to create interactive elements which will draw visitors onto your stand.

The Full Package. This is your chance to pick and mix from our full suite of creative and content services. We’ll never give you that hard sell, but will make sure you’re aware of everything that we can do for you. Because all of our services are delivered under the same roof, you will be able to speak to the entire team that’s working for you and truly pick and choose the service package that you need.