You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so it’s important that your visitor registration process is seamless. Our registration platform is fully customisable to only capture the data you want and offers various degrees of authentication protocol depending on your security requirements.

Collecting Data. In our modern age data is worth its weight in Bitcoin, so you need to be able to trust your visitor registration system. The user experience needs to be fast and simple, and your audience needs to know that their data will be stored safely and only used appropriately and in line with relevant data protection laws. Our registration platform collects and manages data in a GDPR compliant way and your visitor database will be stored on secure servers located within the UK.

Managing Footfall. Maybe you want to open your doors to the general public, or maybe you need to restrict entry to only a few chosen employees. We understand that every event has its own unique requirements for visitor management, so we’ve built our registration platform to allow free registration, email verification or a manual authentication. There’s no limit to the number of visitors who can register to your events, our tried-and-tested platform won’t let you down.

Event Analytics. Our visitor registration integrates seamlessly with the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition to provide industry leading event analytics. We can help you to understand the behaviour of your visitors to get a better picture of the success of the event and make sure that any sales leads are followed up in the most appropriate way. Data analysis can also help you understand your audience’ decision making process and identify your sales and marketing assets that yield the best results.


Ten things you need to know about the V-Ex Platform

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