Setting the Scene…

In today’s competitive environments it’s important for businesses to engage with their employees to keep them passionate about the brand that they work for. This process begins at the recruitment stage and continues through the onboarding process and the rest of their career with your company. This is more than just a luxury for the modern age, this is a vital cost saving exercise as high staff retention can save businesses millions of pounds annually in recruitment and training.

But with our workforce more dispersed than ever, how is it possible to make sure everyone gets the same opportunities and experiences at every stage?

A virtual Induction Centre may provide the perfect solutions for 365 employee development.

How we help

Our creative 3D Team can build a virtual venue that mimics the design of your headquarters, regional facilities, warehouse, factory etc. to provide an immersive tour for your employees to enjoy.

Built on the V-Ex Platform we will provide more than a pretty render. You can host dedicated training sessions, live employee updates, on-demand courses and even manage recruitment and candidate networking activities.

Secure visitor registration makes it impossible for any uninvited guests to access your venue, and also enables you to track visitor traffic to ensure that any mandatory training sessions have been completed.