Our virtual event platforms have been developed over more than 10 years to ensure clients can reliably reach a global audience and enjoy a unique digital experience. This is combined with unrivalled event analytics to make sure that you never miss a lead.

Since 2009, V-Ex has been a trailblazer of the virtual world. While the technologies we use might have changed quite a lot over the years, our passion for innovation and commitment to customer service has remained as strong as ever. We’ve continually re-invested in our technologies and now boast a range of in-house digital solutions that have been built to offer a level of flexibility, reliability and usability that is unrivalled.

How to deliver a successful virtual event?

Virtual events are becoming ever more popular, but no two event looks the same. While variety is great, it’s important to understand what you need to do to ensure that your event is a success. The 5 steps below will help you to deliver a successful virtual event:

Looks aren’t everything. But they sure do help! Great design goes a long way. So make sure your virtual space pops. With a beautiful layout and interactive 3D visuals, you’ll be sure to make an impact.

Make life easy for your visitors. Nailing the navigation is just as important as the visuals. After all, what use is a virtual space if your visitors can’t find what they’re looking for? Easy access means your audience can experience your offering to the full.

Let people talk. We’re social creatures. Meeting people is fun! Give your audience the chance to chat with experts, sales representatives, and fellow visitors. It will make the whole experience even more memorable.

Content really is king. Capture your audience’s imaginations with quality content. Pick the best multimedia to inform and inspire, and make sure every word counts with sharp, engaging copy.

Freebies! (but let’s make it zero-waste…) We’re all suckers for free things but the production of freebies for live events can be wasteful when merchandise goes unclaimed. Limit the supply to the demand by getting your audience to register for goody bags instead or go one step further and offer eco-friendly goodies too!


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