• Client: Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
  • Industry: Fluid Control / Processing
  • Type: Application Centre
  • Floor space: Building footprint ~2,000m2
  • Products: 142
  • Visitor stats: 1,329 (Jan – June 2022)

Bürkert wanted to create a digital sales experience that would simulate a visit to a physical applications centre. With a global customer base they needed a platform provider that could scale the project to include translated content and country specific versions.


For suppliers with a global customer base it can be hard to ensure that all regions benefit from the same quality of information and sales service. With travel restrictions in place during the pandemic, and many businesses still reluctant to commit to travel expenses, Bürkert needed an engaging online sales experience that was accessible to all.


Bürkert has been working with V-Ex since we built their first virtual exhibition stand in 2009 – so they knew we’d be able to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We designed an online environment that simulates a physical application centre: photo-realistic 1:1 3D product models, videos and key technical data included. We included functionality for live chat with the sales team, as well as an auditorium for on-demand presentations, webinars and broadcasts.


Since its launch the Bürkert Application Centre has had visitors from more than 30 countries through the doors. The Bürkert sales and marketing teams use the digital tool as part of their online marketing message, driving new contacts onto the platform to validate sales leads.