VIP invites and e-tickets to a virtual exhibition

This movie covers the VIP invitation service available to digital marketing teams using the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform. It explains how exhibitors can invite their own contacts to their stand, and see the information about each visitor. This contact data is not shared with other exhibitors if you are exhibiting at a virtual trade fair or convention, only if your visitor decides to go and visit another stand at the show, and signs the relevant T&Cs. If you are using the V-Ex platform to create an interactive online conference or experience of your own, then you can use the VIP service to invite select guests directly and ask others to register for entry.

Exploring the CRM dashboard on the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition Platform

This movie explains the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) dashboard on the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform. This dashboard allows owners and operators of a virtual booth to invite guests directly to the stand and then understand what that visitor is most interested in, allowing for directed and efficient marketing and sales follow-up activity. The CRM dashboard will also provide information on registered show visitors who have signed the T&Cs to enter a virtual exhibition where the stand is hosted – providing it is built on the V-Ex platform.

How the statistics viewer dashboard works on the V-Ex platform

This movie explains the information that is displayed on the statistics dashboard on the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform. The commentator describes how the geolocation and traffic aspects of the UI are driven by Google Analytics behind the scenes, but presented in an easy to navigate and understand graphical way. It covers visitors by day, week, month, year and five year periods, and shows how the stats dashboard allows stand owners to drill-down into the visitor numbers to individual sections and product hotspots. This provides valuable data for checking the effectiveness of marketing activities and benchmarking your virtual exhibition stand against other digital marketing tools.

What is included on a V-Ex Virtual Exhibition CMS dashboard.

This movie provides a guide to the Content Management System (CMS) dashboard on the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform. One of the defining aspects of a true virtual experience platform is that the back-end is sophisticated enough to offer a full content management UI to the owner / operator. The V-Ex CMS dashboard allows live control over all aspects of a virtual exhibition or virtual showroom environment; from navigation and stand interactive elements, to registration and hot-spot content. Be that images, text, video, live steam events, webinars, messaging, chat or the usual pdf literature and enquiry forms.

What are virtual exhibition stand pins and hotspots?

This movie explains the interactive elements that are available on a virtual exhibition stand built using the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform. They include ‘pins’ that can be clicked, and ‘hotspots’ which are content windows that open-up to provide visitors with access to a wide range of information such as; images, text, 3D interactive products, movies, presentations, live streaming video feeds, web chat and messaging, to name just a few. The movie also explains about static 3D views of virtual booths and 360 degree interactive 3D views of live virtual exhibition stands.