Digital event services made simple…

V-Ex specialises in delivering project managed digital services – quickly

There’s no escaping the need for digital in today’s world. Digital and hybrid events are more popular than ever before, and even traditional exhibition stands and live experiential events require VR, AR, or digital content for audience engagement. Often digital projects need to be delivered on tight schedules, which can be daunting for event professionals without a technical background.

V-Ex has been supporting the events industry with digital solutions for over 10 years. With a wide range of services including live broadcast, digital registration, app development, and 3D modelling, we’re equipped to support event organisers in all things digital. We’ve built our reputation by offering great customer service as standard – which means understanding how to meet tough deadlines.

When the clock is ticking you need to find a supplier who will bring you solutions – not problems. All of our services are delivered in-house, meaning once we start on your project you know that you have our complete attention.

Website and App Development

Our passion for technology stems from a belief that digital innovation doesn’t have to be filled with jargon and complexity. Instead, we will team you up with a Project Manager who understands what you need and how to deliver it.

Our development team includes software designers, specialists in AR and VR and web developers – meaning we can take on any project you need.

We don’t outsource any of our work, so we can commit to your timescales and keep you in the loop with daily updates if that’s what’s required.

Event Websites and Custom Registration

You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression, which is why it’s so important that your event website is easy to navigate and your registration process a simple one.

The V-Ex registration platform can be customised to capture the data you want and offers different authentication protocols depending on your security requirements. We will collect and manage visitor data in a GDPR-compliant way and can even manage ticket sales for you if required.

The platform can be integrated into most standard websites, meaning we can provide you with a plug-and-play solution even if your website is already built. Alternatively, we can quickly design and build you a standout website if required.

Digital Content

Creative design is at the heart of what we do. Our design and creative capabilities include graphic design, CGI, 2D and 3D motion graphics, video production, film editing and copywriting. We’ve worked with blue-chip companies, household brands and some of the biggest industrial companies you’ve never heard of.

All of our Project Managers have hands-on event experience, which means you won’t need to waste your time explaining why you need what you’re asking for, how it will be used, or why it’s important to follow brand guidelines.

Instead, we’ll build you the creative team that you need and let them work with you as if they’re part of your own in-house resource. It’s incredible what can be achieved on short timescales when you cut the bureaucratic red tape. 

Live Broadcast

With physical events back in full swing across the country, we mustn’t forget the positive lessons that were learned during the pandemic. The most important one is that a well-produced live broadcast allows event organisers to engage with a wider, more diverse audience than ever before.

Converting a physical event with a local audience to a hybrid event with a global audience doesn’t need to be difficult – even at short notice.  We can set up and manage a stream from your event venue or help you to run a digital event side-by-side from our broadcast studio based in the West Midlands.