Shaping (virtual) reality to suit you!

Creating engaging customer journeys can take many shapes and forms. One that provides users with a truly immersive experience is virtual reality (VR). This technology can enable companies to show products, applications and concepts in explorable virtual environments. More than just a gimmick, users are able to learn about individual technologies and entire processes via animations, interactive objects and user interfaces (UIs) loaded with dynamic content.

When it comes to how people can navigate fully-immersive VR environments there are two main approaches. The first is by teleporting between pre-rendered areas of a 3D model or ‘hopping’ between 360 images, a similar experience to using Google Maps. This is a less hardware intensive approach with limited options for interactivity. To create a more dynamic experience, devices capable of rendering virtual environments in real-time can be used. Customers are then able to physically explore 3D models and interact with objects within them.

Using the same principals as mainstream VR video games, the levels of detail and realism that can be achieved in real-time virtual environments are scalable depending on the hardware that is being targeted. Starting with mobile-friendly apps all the way up to PC-driven virtualisation, VR is easily accessible and can be delivered to suit a range of customer touchpoints.

Predominantly used at exhibitions, this technology can also add value in sales meetings and as a downloadable customer education or support tool. One of the major benefits when it comes to VR is that you are able to visualise objects that you would never be able to take a customer due to their size and can show details that would be physically impossible to view otherwise.

Below you can watch a video showing some highlights of a demo environment that we created for a real-time VR application to highlight industrial products. Users are able to explore the environment and interact with 3D models of pumps while learning about key operational benefits.

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