Behind the scenes of “The Industry Speaks”

How V-Ex created an online industry talk show for Printing Expo Online

As the event industry continues to evolve, businesses are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to connect with their audiences. Printing Expo Online wanted exactly that when planning its new talk show “The Industry Speaks”. V-Ex, part of the Marketing + Technologies Group, and an established pioneer in digital event services, was the perfect partner for this endeavour.

Discover the Future of Printing: Printing Expo Online and The Industry Speaks

Printing Expo Online is a virtual event for the printing industry that brings together experts, suppliers and manufacturers from around the world to showcase the latest products and technologies in the market. The event offers a platform for attendees to learn from leading professionals, discover new trends and insights, and connect with peers in the industry.

The new talk show, “The Industry Speaks” is a series of online sessions hosted by Printing Expo Online that features discussions with industry experts. Each episode provides viewers with unique insights, and the opportunity to ask questions about the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

Setting the Stage: Printing Expo’s Vision

The organisers of Printing Expo Online asked V-Ex to launch its new industry talk show, “The Industry Speaks”. They were looking for a virtual live event that would not only grab the attention of its audience but also leave a lasting impression.

Targeting a mix of print service providers, graphic designers, marketers, and other print industry experts, the objective was to create a live-streamed event sitting in an immersive environment that allowed visitors to experience their products from wherever they are. Featuring guest speakers from prominent industry partners such as Kornit Digital, Fiery, HP and many others,” The Industry Speaks” is a platform for industry leaders and professionals to connect and share valuable insights.

Having already worked with the V-Ex team to create and host its online virtual exhibition ,Printing Expo Online chose V-Ex for its extensive experience in delivering digital, live, and hybrid events. With a team of experts passionate about creating unforgettable experiences, V-Ex was the perfect partner to bring “The Industry Speaks” to life within the auditorium of the Printing Expo Online Exhibition.

Crafting an Immersive Experience: V-Ex’s Comprehensive Approach

V-Ex worked together with Marketing + Technologies Group partner, Midland Road Studios, to provide a fully dressed set in a broadcast studio equipped with a state-of-the-art ROE Creative Display video wall, featuring Jasper LED technology. The 3m x 6m, 4K LED wall with 12 million megapixels, delivers stunning visuals and super HD 3D environments, allowing Printing Expo Online to bring its content to life and create a captivating experience for its audience.

One of the standout features of the event was the creation of a custom virtual room designed specifically for Printing Expo Online. This room, which appeared to overlook the virtual exhibition, was brought to life on the LED wall, providing a realistic and immersive backdrop for the talk show. The attention to detail and careful design of this virtual room not only created a strong visual impact but also helped to connect the talk show to the broader Printing Expo Online event.

From Concept to Completion: The Event Timeline

The V-Ex team expertly managed the event from start to finish, ensuring a fully customised experience. They executed targeted pre-show advertising, updated the virtual exhibition, and seamlessly live-streamed the event.

The team created engaging announcements and teasers, designed visually appealing custom slides and animations, curated fitting background music and incorporated promotional videos from the show’s sponsors. By attending to both the finer details and the broader aspects, V-Ex created a dynamic and memorable virtual experience for all attendees.

To ensure the success of this virtual event, the V-Ex team followed a well-structured timeline, addressing each aspect of the event systematically over the course of eleven weeks.

Impressive Results: Delivering Success and Exceeding Expectations

Thanks to the hard work and expertise of the V-Ex team, the launch of “The Industry Speaks” was a resounding success, and guests were able to enjoy an immersive experience that left a lasting impression. Through V-Ex’s careful planning, execution, and attention to detail, Printing Expo Online was able to live-stream a talk-show that not only entertained and informed viewers but also facilitated engaging discussions, creating a dynamic and memorable virtual experience for all.