• Client: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
  • Industry: Factory Automation
  • Type: Exhibition stand
  • Floor space: 66.5m2
  • Products: 53
  • Visitor stats: 14,860 (June ’22)


The Mitsubishi Electric exhibition stand is always a popular draw at industry events and the marketing department wanted to capitalise on its popularity between shows. They approached V-Ex to create a ‘digital twin’ of their double-decker stand. 


V-Ex is well known for producing hyper-realistic products and environment renders for its digital marketing platforms. Working from the CAD files supplied by Mitsubishi as well as reference photographs taken on the stand, our CGI artists were able to accurately recreate the look and feel of the stand for the virtual world.


The Mitsubishi Electric virtual exhibition stand has had more than 14,000 individual visits since it was first launched. The stand has proven so popular that V-Ex has since been asked to build a virtual factory and a virtual sales room.