Certified low-carbon events provide huge boost to Net Zero

Companies and associations looking for practical ways to move forward with their Net Zero (and general sustainability) journeys now have a new route to take for conferences, events, showrooms and training facilities. Thanks to independent certification provider Go Green Experts and leading virtual experience platform provider V-Ex, Greenhouse Gas savings of up to 99% are possible.

There are over 800 live 3D environments currently hosted on the V-Ex platform, these range from universities to exhibition centres and machine showrooms to power stations – combined they receive millions of visits every year. The UK company that produces the Digital Twin virtual environments and runs live events from them – V-Ex has now teamed-up with Net Zero Carbon Consultants, Go Green Experts to certify low-carbon online events.

According to Dominic Lavelle, the company’s Managing Director, the Go Green Experts service is particularly interesting as it ispossible to achieve close to zero CO2e carbon emission for an activity that typically generates hundreds of tonnes of carbon. “We produce Net Zero reports for a range of companies and activities from building and construction projects to large corporate companies and when it comes to the practical steps to move an organisation towards Net Zero this is a really interesting solution for hosting corporate events.

“Our service and this partnership is different, because you can build a bespoke venue, or make a perfect copy of an existing building (a Digital Twin) or space and invite thousands of people to a shared event or experience without anyone having to travel, stay over or occupy an external building that isn’t their home or usual place of work. The savings are huge and repeatable.”

As part of the Marketing + Technologies Group, V-Ex also has access to Midland Road Studios, a solar-powered broadcast studio and conference centre based in Worcester. So not only is the V-Ex platform hosted on Net Zero servers and cloud services, but any filming and livestream content required for a live event can also be produced with an absolutely minimal footprint, just the people appearing on stage need travel to the studio, the rest is virtual – including virtual sets, exhibitions and meeting areas.  The facilities are based close to Worcester Shrub Hill train station to support low carbon travel to the studio.

Roland Renshaw, Marketing + Technologies Group CEO comments, “We have been committed to increasing sustainability for many years; we built the first version of the V-Ex platform over ten years ago and have invested in it ever since. It helps to reduce the travel impact of conferences, exhibitions and events for both ourselves and our clients, particularly for large audiences that are geographically spread-out and typically time-poor. Unsurprisingly it’s proved to be very popular for practical and financial reasons, however to clearly define and certify the environmental benefits is hugely important.”

“To now produce hybrid events where we blend live people and person-to-person interactions with accessible online venues and experiences, while employing Dominic’s experience and his team to independently verify our very-low carbon footprint is very exciting.”

To find out more and explore some virtual venues visit: https://www.v-ex.com/

To find out more about 99% reductions in carbon footprint for events and venues visit: https://www.v-ex.com/about-us/

To contact Go Green Experts visit:  https://gogreenexperts.co.uk/

Dominic Lavelle – Managing Director, Go Green Experts

Email: dlavelle@gogreenexperts.co.uk

Tel: 01905 923 669 

Mobile: 07711 217205

About Go Green Experts: 

We believe investing in sustainability is an intelligent business decision leading to responsible business practice and increased revenues. At GGE, we have the knowledge to help our clients create a robust strategy to help prepare for Net Zero in 2050. Our sustainability team will ensure compliance with your ESG requirements and position you to capitalise on the benefits of reaching net zero.

Events held at the Sustainability Park, the world’s very low carbon exhibition and convention centre, which is hosted on the V-Ex platform with up to 99% reduction in emissions carefully monitored by Go Green Experts