V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions features on BBC News

In a BBC News programme aired on 13/03/20 covering how different businesses are coping with measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus, V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions was part of a report by Joanne Writtal @joannewrittletv who interviewed company CEO Roland Renshaw at the company’s Kidderminster HQ.

There were mixed emotions expressed for an industry that is having to cope with the largest upheaval in 70 years, with thousands of physical conventions, conferences and exhibitions being postponed or cancelled. It will be a year before many trade shows and venues plan to open the doors to visitors again.

“I’m sure the exhibition industry will come back with renewed purpose once the Coronavirus pandemic has dissipated” said Roland who has worked with a large team of passionate developers and 3D specialists at V-Ex to develop a complete digital platform for hosting Virtual events online.

The V-Ex platform which manages everything from how visitors navigate through a virtual exhibition to how the stands are hosted and made interactive is currently in it’s fourth generation, with 10 years of development behind it.

“Large corporations and far sighted exhibition companies had already begun to invest in alternative digital platforms, mainly to enhance convenience for visitors and increase potential audiences” adds Roland. “However, the events industry is now at a turning point, either go digital or have nothing to offer right now.”

There is a way forward though, one that is available today. V-Ex has three virtual exhibition halls ready built and waiting to be occupied by trade shows for example.

All the exhibitors that have spent money on designing stands and preparing graphics, videos and literature can re-purpose those resources quickly and easily by transferring them onto a digital show platform, hosted by V-Ex.”

If existing event organisers don’t move quickly, then there is a huge opportunity for new players in the market to provide virtual exhibitions that exhibitors can take part in and visitors are able to attend from anywhere in the world. As long as they have an internet connection the world of virtual events is wide open for everyone.

As an example, visitor numbers to IndustryExpo.online a full-size industrial trade show, which was featured on the BBC Midlands Today Program have leapt up, rising to over 55,000 in just a few weeks.

For more information on hosting a virtual exhibition, visit www.V-Ex.com right now.