V-Ex features on the inside front cover of Exhibition World magazine

This month’s issue of Exhibition World magazine, with a circulation of over 16,000 requested print copies and 8,000+ digital issue readers is sure to reach a large proportion of the key operators within the global exhibition industry. Our inside front cover demonstrates how the industry can use digital wrap-around services to bridge the gap from virtual to hybrid events. Offering customers the best of both worlds.

It’s fair to say the industry has been battered by the pandemic and social distancing, however that period has given rise to a new wave of engaging scalable online events and platforms. Many of which were built and hosted on the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition & Conference platform. Our print advert shows one of our key technologies which seamlessly blends real people and interaction into a digital environment.

Our case studies show how events that were held for a few hundred people pre-pandemic can now be re-created to add audiences of 10,000’s and made far more convenient for visitors to choose how they interact. Just like shopping, sometimes you want to go to a mall and pick a product up or try it on, and other times you just want the convenience of an always-on always-available environment where you can browse and select at you leisure – and from the comfort of your own home or office.

V-Ex is advertising to the events community to offer our experience and tools to help create a better hybrid future. As the advert says, call us if you want a demo or would like to know more.