V-Ex – Virtual Exhibition Centre

The online hub for virtual events and online venues

The V-Ex Virtual Exhibition Centre is now live at V-EC.online, offering a range of venues ready for conferences, trade shows and corporate event.

The V-Ex Virtual Exhibition Centre provides virtual exhibition space for trade shows, conferences and events that are built using the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform. Every element of the environment is modelled to real life dimensions, making it easy and intuitive for visitors to enjoy a familiar visual experience, 365 days a year.

There are several live events and demo areas that are open to the public, so go ahead and take a look around.

Venue capacity

The V-EC site offers over 20,000 m2 of exhibition floor space with more being created every day. The first three large halls are already spoken for, but our environment can grow with new requirements.

Hall #1 hosts IndustryExpo, an automation and general engineering show which has seen over 250,000 visits since it opened in January 2020.

Hall #2 is booked for printing-expo.online, an online printing industry trade show, while online machine tool show VirtualMachineXpo.online is currently in Hall #3.

The futuristic looking Hall #4 is currently still available, and there are several smaller halls and conference venues on the site that are also ready for immediate use.

With visitor interest already established, the V-EC is open to co-located trade shows and conferences as the industry adapts to offer an online alternative to physical events.