Iconic exhibition venues to build digital twins

Some of the world’s most iconic exhibition venues now have the impetus to construct digital versions of their physical halls and buildings.

Using virtual exhibition platforms such as V-Ex, which already hosts full-scale digital exhibitions such as IndustryExpo.online, traditional venue owners can now rely on rendering physically accurate trade shows using real-world lighting, materials and dimensions to recreate virtual twins.

The ‘virtual’ halls can look visually identical to the bricks and mortar versions and host most of the same trade shows. V-Ex Director of Marketing, David Bedford, comments, “We have been building virtual environments and the content management platform that supports them for over ten years and we know what works. Most trade shows that deal with services, physical products or software transfer very easily to a digital format.

“Machines, technology, components, toys, planes, trains and automobiles all work well – live animals and arena events not so much! Seminars, presentations and conferences are great as we can pre-record or live steam those events; it’s like Netflix, but much more interactive.”

The visitor experience at an online event is different to a live show, but it has its advantages in terms of 24/7 accessibility and longer show durations. A well-known venue such as the NEC in Birmingham with multiple halls could easily offer the same floor space digitally. Visitor numbers will also be higher, as transport, scheduling and health concerns are no longer an issue. Recreating an iconic show venue like Olympia for example would have the same attraction to exhibition organisers as the real thing.

“It remains to see which venue owners and operators will embrace the opportunities that virtual exhibition venues offer. Those that do will be providing their customers with a flexible solution that includes a physical show and a digital online virtual equivalent. Recent events and a general trend toward online solutions for everything from shopping to healthcare and gaming would suggest that the early adopters will have an advantage.”

The V-Ex virtual exhibition platform can be used to recreate any physical venue and offer traditional exhibition organisers a whole new world of opportunities. See www.V-Ex.com for more details.