Virtual Exhibitions
Altra is a leading multinational designer, producer and marketer of a wide range of mechanical power transmission products.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems are the leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is an international organisation with over 1,600 member companies worldwide. The partners’ common objective is promotion and technical development of the family of CC-Link open network technologies.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is active in space development, transportation, semi-conductors, communications and information processing, building and energy management and automation systems.

Adroit Technologies
Adroit Technologies is a privately held South African-based software development company and has been developing award winning real-time software for the industrial automation markets for over 25 years.

Atos Origin
Atos SE (Societas europaea) is an international information technology services company, serving a global client base, it delivers Hi-Tech Transactional Services, Consulting & Technology Services, Systems Integration and Managed Services.

CoDeSys is the leading hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 development tool, and provides a simple and highly accessible option for controller and PLC programming.

Cognex Corporation is the world’s leading provider of vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and surface inspection systems used in manufacturing automation.  Cognex is also a leader in industrial ID readers.

COPA-DATA is the technological leader for ergonomic and highly-dynamic process solutions. The company, founded in 1987, develops the software zenon for HMI/SCADA, dynamic production reporting and integrated PLC systems at its headquarters in Austria.

DP Technology
DP Technology is a leading developer and supplier of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for a full range of machine tool applications. ESPRIT, DP Technology's flagship product, is a powerful, high-performance, full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, and multi-tasking machine tools.

Emulate 3D
Emulate3D Ltd is an industry-leading, highly specialized software development and sales management company, focused on providing responsive solutions to well-defined industrial requirements.

Breaking the barrier between industrial applications and IT standards, the mission of eWON is to connect industrial machines securely to the Internet, enabling easy remote access and gathering all types of technical data originating from industrial machines.

As a software and consulting company, FELTEN Group GmbH has, since 1990, concentrated on the development of seminal software products and solutions for production management. With locations in Germany, France, Luxembourg, Great Britain, as well as Singapore, FELTEN has developed from the sum of innovative thinking, excellent competences and longtime experience, software solutions with a significant high added value for its customers.

HMS develop and manufacture state-of-the-art hardware and software for industrial communication. You could say that their products are translators between industrial devices and the different networks that exist on the market.

HMS have been at the forefront of technology since the start in 1988 and take pride in being the innovators of their field.

The IBHsoftec GmbH is specialized in development and production of automation solutions for the industry. Primary technology field of the IBHsoftec GmbH is the PLC technology, whereby the main field is PLC programming systems and SoftPLC solutions.

ILS Technology
ILS Technology provides the world’s only ready-to-use, off-the-shelf cloud platform to connect enterprise IT systems to the devices and machines on which businesses depend.

The company INEA was established in February 1987 by the Jozef Stefan Institute (IJS). The company was founded as one of the Institution projects for furthering the transfer and use of research achievements of the Institute in the field of internal energy system management and industrial process control.

KH Automation Projects
KH-Automation Projects, previously known as Philipps Automation Projects, delivers turnkey I&C systems, consisting of the entire field instrumentation, the switchgear, the remote control and control technology with the process management system PMSX®pro and the relevant services such as project management, engineering, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance.

LEM is a market leader in providing innovative and high quality solutions for measuring electrical parameters. Its core products – current and voltage transducers - are used in a broad range of applications in industrial, traction, energy and automotive markets.

Founded in 1977 as an engineering company in Mosbach, Germany, MPDV Mikrolab GmbH is a leading IT systems supplier specializing in the capture and processing of manufacturing company data originating in production, human resources and quality assurance.

PPT Vision
1972. Founded by Romano Volta, Datalogic is born in a room in the rectory of the Parish in Quarto Inferiore, an area on the outskirts of Bologna. Initially, production is centred on electronic devices, but soon there is a change of direction towards the design and production of photoelectric sensors for the textile, ceramic and packaging industries.

ProLeiT develop automation solutions and process control systems, thereby controlling the production processes of renowned international manufacturers – from the raw material stage through to the finished product.

Raima is a provider of high performance, always on database management system technology for both in-memory database usage and persistent storage devices.

Since its foundation in 1961, Rittal has continuously evolved into the world's leading systems provider for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software & services.

SCHAD GmbH was founded in 2007 by Christian Schad to offer a global standard for the mobile operation, control and maintenance of automated systems using an ordinary mobile device, after he identified a lack of enterprise mobility solutions for industry.

The Schaffner Group is the international leader in the development and production of solutions which ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electronic systems in compliance with all major quality and performance standards.

Visual Components
Visual Components is a world leading 3D manufacturing simulation and visualization specialist. Offering machine builders, system integrators and manufacturing companies a simple, quick and highly cost effective way to build and simulate their total process solutions.