Everything you need to know about building a virtual conference and exhibition

The V-Ex Virtual Exhibition FAQ page provides simple to understand videos describing a range of key information about how to build a virtual exhibition and how to use that in a hybrid or virtual conference, or another standalone online event.

The virtual and hybrid events FAQ covers key subjects such as:

  • A virtual conference demonstration with live Q&A shows how presentations at virtual events can be fully interactive.
  • When understanding how a virtual exhibition stand works, getting to know what options are available is very helpful.
  • Getting to see a live virtual conference venue with a tour and explanation changes your perspective on what is possible.
  • Managing visitors is crucial and seeing how VIP invites and e-tickets work for a virtual exhibition or conference event is invaluable.
  • Knowing that you will collect useful data from a virtual or hybrid event is one of the biggest differentiators when comparing virtual, to hybrid and live events, so exploring the CRM dashboard on the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition Platform is extremely enlightening.
  • Marketing ROI is one the key metrics for any virtual event and seeing how the statistics viewer dashboard works on the V-Ex platform is a very popular route to understanding the ROI value.
  • The one thing that drives all promotional work is ultimately a sale, and seeing what is included on a V-Ex Virtual Exhibition CMS dashboard delivers in terms of qualified sales leads is very powerful.
  • So, if you like the idea of a virtual showroom, exhibition stand or training area, this movie is ideal, as it demonstrates what a virtual exhibition booth can actually do?
  • The mechanics of moving around in a virtual space can look a bit like a platform computer game, or for different audience demographics, more like the navigation on ‘google Maps TM’ regardless of the choice, know what virtual exhibition stand pins and hotspots are is always a bonus.

This set of information should help you learn all you need to know about virtual and hybrid events building in order to take the first steps in planning and delivering a great virtual event.

Of course, if you have more questions or require assistance with planning, costing and delivering a virtual event, then feel free to contact us straight away.