Online & Hybrid Medical Conferences

The V-Ex events team has a huge amount of experience in delivering engaging live, virtual and hybrid medical congress and conference events.

We manage 100’s of hours of pre-recorded and live CPD / CME qualifying content for the global medical community. We also work closely with a specialist partner for accredited CPD / CME hours for both human health and in the veterinary care sector

We can help manage every aspect of a purely online, hybrid, or live event by using our event managers, studios, production teams and V-Ex online platform to connect speakers and delegates from around the world.

We can create a complete online experience from sign-in to exhibitions, auditoriums, meeting rooms, breakout areas and networking. Users share a simultaneous experience and we can accommodate attendee numbers from 100 to 10,000s for as long as is needed.

The other major advantage is that as we film, mix and deliver the livestream content we can also record all the sessions and make them available on-demand to your community all year round, or until the next event. Providing not only a safe and convenient way of running a conference, but providing an ongoing and vital learning portal that can be used again and again.

Poster rooms

Poster presentation rooms are an essential feature of many medical conferences, so our online events feature complete poster rooms with fully interactive posters and author information.

Visitors enter the room and can chose from subject boards or alphabetised sections. Using a mixture of 360degree HD navigation and visual categorisation we can accommodate 100’s of posters covering a wide range of subjects, or just a few on one board – in any room. Our virtual solution allows delegates to view poster abstracts 24/7 as an integrated part of the virtual conference environment.

Collections of PDF posters can be curated and displayed in a dedicated area, with or without supporting video presentations. Organisers can determine whether the audience is able to download the files, or view only.

Delivering global medical conferences during the Covid19 epidemic

V-Ex has been working with the medical community and other partners to deliver a number of virtual medical conferences during the Covid19 pandemic. This included the design, build and delivery of a custom virtual convention centre for the American College of Wound Healing and Tissue Repair (ACWHTR).

The building was designed after the local Chicago US base and houses a lobby area with information on events and association news, an exhibition hall, and auditoriums. It is used throughout the year for a series of events that cover live educational, CPD and governance requirements.

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