Sulzer Hydro-electric Power Plant

Hydro-electric power plants are one of the chief sources of renewable energy, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to power generation from fossil fuels. Dams themselves are typically large scale, with many areas off limits due to the critical importance of the equipment within.

Sulzer is a busines synonomous with hydro-electric power, offering a full electro-mechnical service capability to effectively maintain and overhaul these vast installations. Specialising in turbines, the fulcrum of a hydro-electric plant’s power generation capability, Sulzer holds an exemplaray track record in supportIing hydro-electric dams around the world.

The Sulzer virtual hydro-electric power plant allows visitors to take a closer look at the systems and design features that make up a dam. Check out the power generation section and its associated solutions, or view the dam as a whole – its entirely up to you.