The V-Ex platform allows the creation of full virtual environments, from exhibition halls to functional models of facilities. The possibilities are almost endless, which provides businesses with a unique oppurtunity to create the perfect application or display environment to highlight expertise.

V-Ex offers the innate expertise required to efficiently deliver these virtual environments. Experience in modelling virtual water teatment works, oil refineries, nuclear power stations, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) ships and hydro-electric powerplants enables V-Ex to confidently approach any application environment with accuracy.

Hot spots are centred on the specific applicaion areas in which your products operate, allowing visitors to gain more information about the advantages of your range. With technically accurate models, exhibitors have the scope to tailor their environments to suit the company message they wish to transmit.

Informational capacity is as extensive as the V-Ex exhibition stands, so text, video, downloads and 3D models can be integrated with ease via the intuitive user interface.

Explore the V-Ex virtual environments below and experience it for yourself.