[email protected] Virtual Exhibition

About the [email protected] Virtual Exhibition

The [email protected] Alliance is a cooperative organisation sharing the latest automation technology and solutions for the benefit of end user customers. It was born out of the opportunity Mitsubihsi Electric Factory Automation saw for working more closely with it’s technology partners, developing new applications and complimentary techinical products and automation solutions based on Mitsubihsi Electric hardware and software.

There is an annual conference held for all partners to promote networking, training and awareness. The challenge for V-Ex was to take the exhibition aspect of this event and provide a virtual platform that could be accessed anywhere in the world and at any time to showcase the technology and solutions on offer from Mitsubihsi Electric and the [email protected] Alliance partners.

A virtual hall was created and each partner recorded a vidoe to promote a key solution. Each partner was then provided with a virtual booth which included one product hot-spot. The hot-spot itself could saccomodate video, text, images and downloads such as pdfs.

Built on the first generation V-Ex platform, 1.0 the intercative sequences were based on Flash animation and the functionality based on custom coded HTML. The back-end was a custom coded database model with a range of UIs for the upload and management of content.

You can LOGIN HERE to view the Virtual Exhibition on the V-Ex Platform.