Dynamic ultra HD 3D animated virtual environments

V-Ex uses a number of platforms to create our virtual environments and they are usually chosen based on the demographics of the target audience. Visitors or users who have grown-up with PC gaming for example will be far more comfortable using dynamic first person navigation controls, on the other hand when we are designing and building for wider audiences we tend to use ‘click-to-go’ navigation, more like the system used on Google MapsTM .

For this example of a dynamic Ultra HD 3D virtual environment we created a 4k viewport using a dynamic navigation platform, so the user is in full control of the direction of field of view (fov) as well as the movement through the 3D space. The 3D renders use 4x 4k sections to allow for the full 360deg view, making it effectively a 16k (i.e. Ultra HD environment).

One of the big differentiators about this type of environment, other than appealing more to participants that are used to computer game controls is the fact that a large number of the objects in the physical space can be animated, so movies and interactive displays can change quickly independently of the navigation speed.

When you add sound to the overall experience it makes for our most dynamic and immersive option; if you are looking for full sensory engagement, or even a bit of overload, this is the virtual environment type we would recommend.

Below is a demo movie we created recording the journey through a test Ultra HD 3D virtual animated environment we created for one of our clients when they were making the choice between click-to-go navigation and fully dynamic first person navigation, often referred to as a major aspect of ‘gameification’ when designing an online virtual experience.