Our virtual conference venues offer an always-on web based solution for corporate conferencing facilities. Ideal for connecting large numbers of people over a wide geographical area. Each venue is built as a bespoke experience for our clients, combining ease of use with interactive tools that support the objective of the event, whether that be education, sales, networking, or all three.

• Visitor registration tools
• E-tickets
• Controlled access
• Webinars on-demand
• Chat & messaging facilities
• Exhibition area
• Interactive Apps & experiences
• Multi-platform: web, mobile, VR

A V-EX Virtual Conference venue is a practical, always-on, 24/7, web based facility which is easy to update and can provide an invaluable resource for developing internal and external awareness about your company, its partners, products and services. Everything from achieving staff development and culture change, to recruitment and sales can be achieved as an ongoing process; at the convenience of your audience, and without the time and cost restrictions imposed by using a physical venue.