CMS and Live Stats

The real key to the success of the V-Ex platform and the events that it hosts is the user friendly Content Management System and Live Statistics package which is available for all venues. This allows exhibitors to quickly and easily keep all the content on their stand live, while also keeping track of all traffic. This system translates into useful business data, as well as an increased speed of response towards potential enquiries

Content Management System

Company contact information and hotspots are easy to populate thanks to the user friendly Content Management System which allows users to add written content, product images and upload documents or movies. This means each hot spot can be tailored perfectly to match your business aims for your virtual stand, with content updates added in real time.

Live Statistics Package

The live statistics package has been designed with the ultimate goal of any exhibition firmly in mind – sales leads. Running continually, metrics can be gained from each of your hot spots or stands, signposting exhibits or products that are of the most interest to clients. Like a physical exhibition, visitors are actively encouraged to register to a stand or hall to gain extra information and benefits. You can even make a link with real world by offering giveaways throught the Virtual Goodie Bag function. In all cases, quality of statistical information is tailored to help support your future strategic business decisions.